Lynette J I started to go to Michaela when Gun Smoke was 2 years old. I have had Gun since he was 7months old. With Micheala and Teresa's help we have come a long way. Gun is now a very enjoyable ride and stands out as a well mannered horse. When we have been on large treks people have commented on him in n that regard. Teresa has always put safety first, if I am unsure we do ground work before I get on. When gun  was young Teresa would get on him and sort out any issues we might have had.  I was a new to riding so Micheala and Teresa have taught me to ride. Gun and I are now confident to ride in the forest by ourselves and to go on treks with large numbers of others. Teresa has taught me to know my horse and we have a great bond together.  I would recommend Teresa as a great teacher that loves passing on her knowledge to anyone that wants to listen. Regards Lynette and Gunsmoke. ” - Lynette J and Gun Smoke
  I have had the pleasure of Teresa working with two of my horses, both for different reasons.  Originally I started by going to a Cow Clinic that Teresa organised with her good friend Dave Weaver from the States.  I enjoyed it so much that I continued to go to Teresa’s Sunday Morning Clinics to learn more about Cow Work and generally have fun with a fabulous bunch of people. This was completely left field for my horse and I, as I had always done dressage!!  Further down the track my horse bucked me off quite badly, so I sent him off to T for a bit of “re-education” , I’m pleased to say we no longer have any bucking.   Then I bred a foal, T was involved from the time Pirate was 6 months old, doing ground work and teaching to float.  He then spend a week or two there as a  yearling and two year old, then went back as a 3 year old to be backed.  T did a super job, the day after he came home from being backed I took him to the forest for his first ride.  Teresa is fantastic with ALL horses, big, small, young  or old.  I would not hesitate to send another horse to T in the future.  I love her methods and her enthusiasm for what she does.  These two pictures are first of Pirate (the chestnut) having his first ride with Michaela supporting on Stanley, and the other is when Teresa did some remedial work for my horse that bucked! Chrissy, Scorpio and Pirate” - Chrissy J
  When I first approached NZ Horse Help I was almost ready to give up on my horse Tom. I had come to believe that I was not the right rider for him. Despite weekly dressage lessons with top trainers, our partnership was going backwards, my confidence was at zero and I was becoming increasingly frightened of riding. Tom could be very spooky and cantering involved so much stress and tension for us both that I had given up trying. The instant understanding and acceptance I received from Teresa and Michaela enabled me to change my thinking and eventually completely altered the path I was on with Tom. That was over 3 years ago. I now have a horse who is safe to ride in almost any situation, who has progressed beyond my expectations to become a happy willing partner in all that we do. I learnt the importance of getting to a horse's feet and how to do that, you first had to get to their mind. This was all a big change and a very steep learning curve. The one thing I did know was that none of what was going wrong for me and Tom was his fault. I just didn't believe I could fix it for him. My training with Teresa has given me skills that help me every day, whether I am riding in the forest by myself or trying to improve my canter /walk transitions. Most importantly, I truly did have to accept that it would take as long as it takes - no easy thing for a really impatient person like me! Patience is hard but has huge rewards. Without Teresa I would probably have sold Tom, bought another horse and repeated the same mistakes. Three months ago I bought a weanling. It has been so much fun working with Teresa and watching this baby change from almost feral to tame. Every new thing he is is taught is done with feel and so he offers back the softest, lightest feel. There is no fear or drama involved in what he has to learn and I can see that each step we take brings us closer to eventually having a wonderful riding partnership without all the mistakes I had made with Tom. Teresa is a fine horsewoman but she is an even better teacher. She just seems to know instinctively what each individual horse and rider needs to make things work. It doesn't matter whether you are a weekend hacker, dressage queen or gungho showjumper - Teresa will have a lot to offer that will enhance your partnership with your horse.   Anna  ” - Anna - & Tom
Denise having one of her first rides on Saracen after we started him! Teresa has now trained two of my youngsters, and she has done a fabulous job with both. She is especially good at working with sensitive types and one of my youngsters was not only a sensitive Spanish mix but also had a lot of issues from being backed. She has amazing patience and empathy for both horse and rider and has been a fantastic mentor to me as well as my boys! I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone especially those whose horses have had some bad experiences in the past. Denise Bancroft” - Denise, Saracen and Invictus
Teresa has helped us so much with our pony that I have to think really hard to remember what the problems used to be!  We couldn't get her on a float, couldn't bridle her, couldn't keep her calm . . . Teresa taught us so much, our pony is so much happier now (and of course so are we). Ann Maras” - Ann Maras

Martin Black Clinic

Previous events


Liberty Circle Ranch

Martin Black Horsemanship and Cow Working Clinic Clinic, 200 Wilson Road, South Head

To Ride is $950 for 5 days. There will be a morning group and afternoon group.


Martin Black Feb 25-29

Martin Black Clinic, 222 Rimmer Road, Helensville, Auckland

Riding spaces full but you are welcome to audit! Bring a chair, water, weather protection and food etc as needed. To register you can just turn up on the day and find the registration table!  There will be a taco stand for lunch also. For those of you who did not make the Martin Black Horsemanship and Cow Working Clinic last year......fortunately.....we have snagged him to come back. He will be here for a full five day horsemanship and cow working February 25-29. He had been on my riding bucket list for many years and it is a real coup to have him here in NZ. His clinic last year was exceptional with great attention to detail and individual instruction. It is not at all discipline specific. We worked on everything from flying changes, straightness, precision, herd bound .....whatever anyone brought to the fore. There will be a morning and afternoon class limited to 12-15 participants each.  

It will be held at Liberty Circle Ranch in Helensville sponsored by NZ Horsehelp. For directions etc: Don't miss out on this opportunity! For more info on Martin: Hope to see you there, Teresa


1/2 Day Riding Clinic

Sunday riding Clinic, Liberty Circle Ranch 222 Rimmer Road, Helensville

This class offer's people and their horses a chance to get some help and have some fun on a regular basis. These clinics are very popular and have allowed people to get some really good progress going on with their horse. This regular riding clinic addresses whatever general issues that arise that day as well as working on a whole range of excercises that improve suppleness, balance, responsiveness and collection. It gives students the opportunity to socialize their horses in a group while challenging their skill level. We emphasis calmness and confidence and enjoyment for both the horse and rider.   Drop us a line if you intend to join us... 

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