Regular Mini Riding Clinic - often called the 'Sunday Morning Clinic' Helensville Auckland

I usually use Facebook to post any upcoming clinic and location, but if you are unsure just drop me a line.

Spectators welcome, no charge. - This can be a good thing to do to see if you might want to join in in the future.

Participant in these clinics have usually worked with me previously, so please get in touch regarding this also.

Usually about 1.5-2hours depending on numbers.  10am- 12pm 

I will be aiming and hold one weekly tomonthly in Helensville Auckland at 60 James Mackie Road.


A regular event to help people and their horses with whatever they may be needing most to keep progressing.

This class offer's people and their horses a chance to get some help, refine skills and have some fun on a regular basis. These clinics are very popular and have allowed people to get some really good progress going on with their horse. We address whatever general issues that arise that day as well as working on some long term progress  through directed learning.  It gives students the opportunity to socialize their horses in a group while challenging their skill level.   We aim to provide a dynamic approach to enhance any horse or riders experience by focusing on both the rider and the horse.  Learn exercises that compliment the development and responsiveness of your horses physical and mental abilities through effective riding. Learn and progress with a whole range of exercises that improve suppleness, balance, responsiveness and collection. We emphasize calmness, confidence and enjoyment.  This group situation is great for developing a 'well adjusted horse citizen' which can then be carried over to wherever your riding takes you. We are passionate about  the finer points of riding and the development of a refined riding horse. However, we believe that all things are reliant upon a sound foundation - a calm, balanced, responsive horse and a rider that has the abilitiy to read a situation and apply knowledge with their horse.  This means that in these clinics,  we will adjust to the situation,whether a horse or rider needs time spent getting calm and united or to be progressing onto more complex exercises - with unity! 

  •  Suitable for: All disciplines and stages of horse and rider including 'first timers' in group situations - horse or rider. 
  • RequirementsAs these are group riding situations, we require horses to be started under saddle and for riders to be ready for the class at the arranged time. If your horse has any serious behavioral issues, please contact us to see if this class will be a suitable starting point.