New Zealand Horse Help was established in 2011 when we - Teresa Trull and Michaela Evans  moved to NZ from the USA. We had the privelage of being based at Jools Topp's Liberty circle ranch in Helensville for 5 years.  Teresa is originally from the US but Michaela is from Hawkes Bay.  Our aim was to make a helpful  difference in the lives of both horses and owners.

In the end of 2013 Michaela suffered a fluke accident resulting in a brain injury and making her unable to be a part of NZ Horse Help as before. This has meant I have been in sole charge of bringing services to help people progress with their horses. It has also meant that it will be great to be based in Hawke's Bay where we can both move forward with the support of family as Michaela is still recovering and focusing on her own horse and riding again whilst exploring new directions of work. Before Michaela's accident, we had already started working alongside Taryn Skelton-Kyd to start young horses - also known as colts -  and this partnership has really developed.  Taryn came and lived and worked with Michaela and I in America for many months and has made the most of opportunities to ride with Dave and GwynnTurnbull Weaver and Buck Brannman. She also rides with Martin Black and Buck  whenever they teach in New Zealand. Taryn also heads her own team of showjumping horses. Working with Taryn allows me to bring you the added service of colt starting in the region of Auckland.


I love working to educate both myself and others in the finer points of classical and foundation horsemanship. I believe that every horse, regardless of discipline needs to be calm, balanced and precise. That every owner, no matter what goals they have, can benefit from kind and effective ways of dealing with their horse’s mind, spirit and performance - not to mention their own. I spent many years riding and learning from accomplished horsemen and women such as Jim, a Nevada buckaroo, from down the road where I used to live in California - he never had a website and wasn't a 'trainer', but it started with him and his fine Bridle Horses. I Since have gone on to work a lot with Buck BrannamanMartin BlackDave and Gwynnn Turnbull Weaver of The Californios and with Ellen Eckstein and Dr Deb Bennett. However, nothing has been as valuable as all of the living experience I get from the actual horse and all the committed people I get to work with and help. I specialize in everything from behavioral problem solving to helping with collection and advancing skills.  I am located now in both Haumoana - Hawkes Bay and Helensville, Auckland.


I was extensively involved in dressage in the US, particularly in the area of competitive musical freestyles. I have ridden for over 10 years with Buck Brannaman and have been riding with the Weavers for over 5 years and  teaching these cross training methods to all types of riders for many years now in NZ and previously in the States. I love effectively helping horses get safer, happier and better performing.  I feel privileged to bring Martin Black over to NZ yearly to conduct clinics himself.I am strongly influenced by the practical and kind approach exemplified by Bill and Tom Dorrance. 

One could easily be mislead by the gear I often use. It is however, based on the Buckaroo/Vaquero method of horsemanship founded in old California and the Great Basin area USA. Simply put, vaquero horsemanship was - and still is, the making of a very sophisticated riding horse, mirroring the precision and ease of the early classical riders who brought the tradition to California. This type of approach lends itself to having an enjoyable horse capable of just about any 'job' you desire. I hope you enjoy this website but please just get in touch if you have any questions for me. Thank you, Teresa Trull.